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NHBVENTURES provides business leaders with easy access to selected internet-based information related to leadership for company survival and growth in disruptive times. Developed by business executives, for business executives, NHBVENTURES provides management guidance for leaders of businesses caught in today's sea of economic chaos.

A resource Web site for business leaders developed by NHBV / EFMA

When disruptive changes caused by eternal forces such as economic chaos and/or agressive competitive moves suddenly surround a business, they create a crisis. At that point, rapid and effective leadership actions are essential. So what exactly should leaders do differently for company survival and growth when they find their businesses engulfed by the chaotic tidal waves of disruptive change?

There isn't a simple answer. However nhbventures.com offers easy access to selected books, thought-provoking articles, and other information that provide management guidance for achieving business success in the uncharted territory of the turbulent 21st century.




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